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At the forefront of the industry, Lonetti takes pride in offering an exceptional range of products designed to meet the most demanding calibration requirements across a myriad of industries. Our commitment to quality and innovation is evident in every instrument we create, including prover tanks, tank provers, calibration cans, measuring cans, test measures, volumetric tanks, waterdraw systems, test benches, tanker truck towers, and liquid calibration instruments.

Diving into the heart of our offerings, prover tanks and tank provers are the cornerstones of accurate liquid calibration. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and unwavering attention to detail, our prover tanks provide a reliable means to measure and verify the accuracy of liquid volume. Similarly, tank provers serve as indispensable tools, ensuring that meters and gauges accurately measure fluid quantities.

Calibration cans and measuring cans form a vital part of Lonetti’s comprehensive array of calibration instruments. These precise and compact devices allow for meticulous calibration and verification of fluid measurement equipment. Our test measures, on the other hand, represent the pinnacle of accuracy in calibrating a diverse range of parameters, setting the standard for dependable measurement results.

Lonetti’s volumetric tanks and waterdraw systems are meticulously engineered to support the specific needs of various industries. Volumetric tanks provide accurate measurement of liquid volume under varying conditions, making them essential for applications requiring precise volume measurements. Waterdraw systems, on the other hand, facilitate liquid sampling and analysis, offering a reliable means to maintain water quality and ensure efficient water treatment processes.

To cater to the diverse calibration needs of different industries, Lonetti offers an array of test benches equipped with advanced features. These include automated controls, real-time data logging, and multi-parameter testing capabilities, ensuring seamless calibration of liquid flow rates, pressure, and other critical metrics. Our test benches are designed to boost productivity, reduce human error, and achieve utmost accuracy in calibration processes.

Lonetti’s dedication to excellence extends to the tanker truck towers, which play a crucial role in calibrating liquid measurement systems on tankers. With precise and dependable calibration, these towers ensure the safe and accurate transportation of fluids, maintaining compliance with industry standards.

In the world of liquid calibration, trust is paramount. That’s why Lonetti’s liquid calibration instruments, meticulously designed and built, have earned the confidence of industries worldwide. From the pharmaceutical sector, where precise measurements are critical to ensuring product efficacy and safety, to the oil and gas industry, where accuracy is essential for efficient and secure operations, Lonetti’s solutions shine as beacons of trust and reliability.

Embracing the future of calibration with Lonetti’s exceptional instruments empowers your business to elevate calibration processes to new heights of accuracy and efficiency. Our focus on innovation, precision, and user-friendliness positions Lonetti as the go-to partner for liquid calibration needs across industries.

At Lonetti, we understand the significance of precision in calibration processes, and our instruments are crafted to deliver dependable results, meeting and exceeding international standards. When accuracy matters most, trust Lonetti, your proven path to unmatched excellence in liquid calibration.

Prover Tanks​

Big sized liquid measuring solutions

Test Measures

Small sized liquid measuring solutions

Test Benches

Customized flowmeter test benches 

MiniLab ® VANS

Customized liquid test measuring lab road ready


Group of prover tanks with reservoir and customized



Liquid test measures provide precise and reliable measurements, ensuring accuracy in assessing liquid quantities, concentrations, or properties. This accuracy helps maintain consistent results and supports quality control efforts.

Quality Assurance

By allowing thorough testing and analysis of liquids, test measures contribute to quality assurance processes. They help identify any deviations or abnormalities in liquid substances, ensuring that only high-quality products are delivered to customers.


Liquid test measures aid in meeting regulatory and industry standards. They enable organizations to verify compliance with specific requirements, such as safety regulations, environmental guidelines, or product specifications.

Process Optimization

Test measures assist in optimizing liquid-related processes. By providing valuable data and insights, they help identify areas for improvement, streamline workflows, and enhance operational efficiency.

Decision-Making Support

With accurate and reliable measurements, liquid test measures facilitate informed decision-making. They provide valuable information for assessing performance, troubleshooting issues, and making data-driven choices to drive business success

Cost Savings

Accurate liquid measurement helps identify and address inefficiencies, leading to cost savings. By eliminating overflows, leaks, or underutilization, businesses can optimize resource allocation and reduce expenses associated with excess usage or inaccurate measurements.

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