minilab ® vans

Calibration on the road

Lonetti's Calibration Reservoirs Revolutionize On-the-Road Calibration

Introducing Lonetti’s innovative calibration reservoirs housed within specially designed minivans, delivering unparalleled mobility and precision for on-the-road calibration. Gone are the days of being confined to a fixed location for calibration purposes. Our calibration reservoirs, equipped with a series of Lonetti prover tanks, bring the calibration lab to you, providing convenient and reliable calibration services wherever you are. With this cutting-edge solution, businesses can maintain accuracy and compliance while saving time and effort by eliminating the need for transporting equipment to a central facility.

Custom made Minilabs ®

Mobility Meets Accuracy

Unmatched Mobility

Our calibration reservoirs mounted in minivans offer unmatched mobility, enabling calibration services to be conducted conveniently at your desired location.

Precision On-the-Go

The integration of Lonetti prover tanks ensures precise and accurate measurements, guaranteeing the reliability of your instruments even when calibrated on the road.

Enhanced Productivity

These Minilab ® vans are designed to enhance workflow efficiency, enabling seamless liquid dispensing and minimizing downtime. This results in improved productivity, reduced manual handling, and increased operational output.

Regulatory Compliance

Lonetti's water-draw systems assist businesses in meeting regulatory compliance standards by providing accurate measurement data for reporting purposes. Our systems help ensure adherence to water usage regulations and support environmental sustainability goals.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

By bringing the calibration process to your doorstep, you can ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the highest standards of quality assurance.

Flexibility and Convenience

Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling calibration services at your convenience, without the constraints of fixed location availability. The on-the-road calibration solution adapts to your business needs.

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